• Song:

    Like Strangers

  • Artist:

    Everly Brothers

  • Album:

    Greatest Hits

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Transcribed and submitted by
Achal Ashwin,
achalace@yahoo.com (or) ashwinachal@hotmail.com

					Like Stangers -
					(Everly Brothers)

Like[G] stamgers,[C] thats what we[G] are
[G] Tell me how can lovers pull apart[C] so far?
[C] Like Strangers , how can it be?
Only days ago we loved so[G] tenderly.

[G]I love you,[C] truely I[G] do
[G]And I hope deep in your heart, 
You love me[C] too

[Cm]Lets forget that we've been angry
Lets  be[G] lovers  like[E] before
And[C] swear not to be like[D] strangers[G] anymore.
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