• Song:

    Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia - Marry Me Charlies Song

  • Artist:

    Misc Television

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Tabbed by: Graepyk

Tuning: Standard

Notes: Chords in parenthesis are optional, play them according to your preferences.

C5 : x32000
C5 : x32310

( G5 )
C5   C5   C5   F5 
F5   C5   D5   G5

  C5               C5
I was that little boy, 
            C5           F5
that little baby boy was me.
  F5         C5
I once was a boy,
    D5          G5
but now I am a man.

  C5                    C5
I fought The Nightman, lived as Dayman,
C5              F5
now I'm here to ask for your hand,

F5             C5
so if you want to marry, man,
D5              G5
will you marry me?

C5                  C5
  Will you come on stage and join me,
C5                     F5
  in this thing called matrimony?

   F5              C5
Please say yes and do not bone me. 

D5           G5          C5     ( C5   C5 )
Please just marry me!
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