• Song:

    Toys R Us Ad Magical Place

  • Artist:

    Misc Television

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this isn't perfect but it's pretty close

There?s a magical place, we?re on our way there
          G                    C

With toys in their millions all under one roof
     D                      C             D  

? it?s called Toys ?R? Us!
       C      ( A )     

Soon after bedtime when dark night-time falls,
A                       D

Geoffrey & helpers stock up all the shelves,
E                        F#m 

From ceiling to floor; books, board games & bikes,
F#m                           B

teddies, puppets & dolls, bats, spaceships & trikes! 
         D                      E 

There?s millions says Geoffrey, all under one roof
        F#m                         B

? it?s called Toys ?R? Us, Toys ?R? Us, Toys R Us!
       D                            E          A
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