• Song:

    Broken Soles - Again And Again

  • Artist:

    Misc Your Songs

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Intro- Gx4 Cx4    X2

Verse 1

  G                          C
Tear of the Moon hits the Ground
 G                           C  
Song of the Bird chirps too Loud
 D        Am      D
The Hill goes up high
D         Am                  G
and the Mountain falls to the sea

I am not an old man
D            Am
but i know these things
Keep on again and again
I'm sure that the sun will come
and wash away the large
Am           C
and restore all the world

Verse 2
G                    C
The Sky Breaks free and clouds fly away
G                   C
and the atmosphere glows with decay
D       Am        D
now all that's warm&cozy 
D    Am       G
now has froze over


D                 Am
Again and Again i see these things
      D          Am          C
going on some things wrong. With the world

OUTRO(same as intro)
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