• Song:

    Charlie K Ezelle - Ride

  • Artist:

    Misc Your Songs

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"Ride" (Chords)

Written by Charlie K. Ezelle
Tabbed by  Paul E. Ezelle


D                 C                     Em

Fourty miles from ol' Cheyenne with his thumb out in the air.

D                    C                    Em
An achin' back and a broken hand from the ride at the county fair.

D                 C                 Em
His momma and his daddy's words are runnin' through his head.

D              C                      D
The rodeo is a crazy place and you're gonna wind up dead.


D              Em
But he's gotta ride
So he can prove all those right people wrong.

He's gotta go

and live his life like a rodeo song.

C                                   D
Nothing in the world could take his mind off his dream.

C                                    D 
Never try to tell him to quit cuz he won't hear a thing...

He's gotta ride


D                     C                  Em
fourty dollars in his old billfold and a million on his mind.

D                           C                      Em
The entry fee will take his last few bucks so he's gotta win this time.

D                            C                    Em          
The road he's chosen does'nt leave much time to establish any roots.

D                       C                       D
Cuz every moment of his life comes down to the second when they open that chute.





D                 D                Em
Fourty miles from Houston with his thumb out in the air.
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