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    Joe Mulheren - Forever Always

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    Misc Your Songs

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Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 15:26:50 EDT
Subject: b/mulheren joe/forever always.crd

Eh everyone!this is my first post ,so please dont kill me if it sucks.
this is my music,so it should be right.if you want the tape/cd mail me at
AEROJOE @aol.com
normal tunig-EADGBe
play this(as w/ all my other songs)on an acoustic.it's the same tempo as the
begining of Smashing Pumpkins "tonight tonight"

here's the counting for rhy fig.1-  1+2+a.
play that rhy. for each chord of the figure

rhy. fig 1- A5,F5,G5,E5

then ya have rhy. fig 2
first the counting-it's the same as rhy fig 1's w/ the exception of the first
chord.you count the first chord   1 2 + a ,you really have to attack the first
beat of
 rhy fig 2-

finally,the bridge-the bridge is played the same(rhytmically) as rhy fig
except for the chords marked with a   *.those chords are played   1 (2) + 3e+a

the (2) means you hold the note from beat one over that beat,a dotted quater
note,for those of you who can read sheet music.

rhy fig 3-

now lets put this all together-
intro-rhy fig 1 x2
verse 1- rhy fig 1 x3
chorus 1-rhy fig 2 x2
verse 2-rhy fig 1 x4
chorus 2-rhy fig 2 x2
bridge-rhy fig 3 x3
verse 3- rhy fig 1 x3
chorus- rhy fig x2
outro-sustain chords from verse as half notes once each with ritard(slow down)

A5- 57XXXX
F5- 13XXXX
G5- 35XXXX
E5- 02XXXX
C5- 810XXXX
Bb5- 68XXXX
D5- 1012XXXX

HAVE FUN!! :-) copyright 1997
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