• Song:


  • Artist:

    Mountain Goats

  • Album:

    Full Force Galesburg

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here are the chords to the song minnesota they are pretty accurate

verses: G  Em  Dsus4  C
chorus: Em  Dsus4  G  C
intro: same as the verse
         G                 Em
verse: seeds came in mail today from holland
         Dsus4                           C
       and the language on the package was wonderful and strange
       all sorts of flowers that grow up from the earth 
       goodly colors glouriosly arranged

chorus: Em                              Dsus4
       i circled the and scattered them around 
        Dsus4    G                   C
       let the water sink down into the soil
       stared a long time at the residue
       blood milk and oil
       my god the humidity is something else again
       our shirts are soaked clean through
       the house is throbbing and the heat keeps coming
       and i keep looking at you
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