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NOTE: This Is Not My Own Work!! These are the tabs as found on the Mr. T Experience 
"Yesterday Rules"... I just thought I'd Upload them for those who don't own the cd...

Everybody Knows You're Crying

Intro: A D A E D A

A                  D
Everybody says you shouldn't cry

     E      A
everybody's standing by

and everybody's gonna roll their eyes

       E     A
if you ever do

A                   D
everybody says it's not too late

            E        A
and you can still participate

you take everybody's bait

              E         A
and everybody laughs at you

F#m               D           A
they'll leave you crying all alone

F#m              D                A             E
they'll say they wouldn't have if they had only known

    A                                          D
but you see the reality behind their indulgent stares--

A                      E
everybody knows you're crying

D                  A                          E
no one ever really cares

Intro part: A D A E D A

A                         D
everybody thinks you're a little slow

     E         A
everyone wants you to know

they went through the same thing long ago

                   E       A
and it wasn't that hard to do

A                   D
everybody says they sympathize

          E        A
you stand by while they describe

someone you don't even recognize

                   E         A
that's supposed to look like you

F#m      D           A
but they never can explain

F#m    D                  A       E
how to live with such spectacular pain

and when you're at your weakest

they advise you to be strong

A                      E
everybody says they've been there

D                 A                 E
everybody must be wrong

A            D    A                      E         D   A
ooh ooh ooh  ooh  everybody knows you're crying

they send their love
and love is loud

               F#m              B7
they feel it's greatly to their credit

and they're proud

of their compassion,

and it's true

                      A              E
but it doesn't have a lot to do with you

and you can't escape the conclusion

though you don't like what it was:

A                   E
everybody says they love you,

D                  A         E
no one ever really does.

A            D    A                      E
ooh ooh ooh  ooh  everybody knows you're crying

A                      D
everybody knows you're crying

A                      E              D       A
everybody knows you're crying
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