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Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 16:10:13 -0400
Subject: m/mr_t_experience/i_dont_need_you_now.crd
From: rdp19@juno.com (daniel r planas)

       I DON'T NEED YOU NOW - mr t experience
VERSE 1 : this is a really easy song and if you listen
          to it a few times you should understand the
          the tab really well.

xxxxxxxxx    G        C         G
there was a time when I thought I would die
       D        C        G
every time I thought of you I'd cry
      Am           C
and think myself into a state
      Am              D
and drink myself to sleep to late
               G      C     G
but what was pulling us and me apart
           D       C      G
was only breaking in my broken heart
           Am                C
now its controlled again on hold again
           Am            D
and more broken in than its ever been


   G   C    D
so I don't need you now
          G            C     D
I can't believe how I ever wondered how
          G           C         D       C
I'd ever make it without you thinking about you
    G        D         G  C G
but I don't need you now

VERSE 2 : same chords

there was a time when I thought I should try
to make myself hate you to get by
it wasn't hard to do to think of you
and all the things you put me through
but now I've had some time to contemplate
and I've discovered other things to hate
there's still bitterness I can't resist
but you're moving to the bottom of a pretty long list

CHORUS 2 : same chords

so I don't hate you now
I don't even want to check mate you now
I still don't like how much you don't want me to touch you
but I don't hate you now


             C G         D              G
and if I'm crying well what did you expect
             C G        Am
I've been trying but I still don't know how
C            D
not to be a wreck

VERSE 3 : play through the verse chords once then...

though I'm still aware you're still out there
still busy breaking someone's heart somewhere
and though to you its nothing new
for once I've got no explaining to do


cause I don't know you now
and I don't have anything to show you now
except for all of these apologies that I don't owe you now


G        C       G        D
I don't need you I don't need you  (x2)
              G        C        D                 C
I think its weird how much you don't want me to touch you
    G        D         G  C G
but I don't need you now

when I first heard this song I thought that it was kind
of stupid, but after a while it really grows on you. It
works with power chords, but it sounds like shit (same with
all open chords). My suggestion is to use E - form bar
chord on fret 3 for the G; open for Am; and A - form bar
chords for C and D . have fun

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