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NOTE: This Is Not My Own Work!! These are the tabs as found on the Mr. T Experience 
"Yesterday Rules"... I just thought I'd Upload them for those who don't own the cd...


      Em            C         G
I was here when the call came through, Jill

      Em                 C      G
and I screened it like I always do, Jill

and they hung up on the machine

          G               C  G
just like you, Jill

           Em          C           G
well, that sounds like one of your stunts, Jill

        Em         C        G
and I'm only gonna say this once, Jill

you haven't left a message for me

               G                  C  G
in a couple of months, Jill

I'm not blaming you, Jill

        Am          C
this is hard to do, Jill

                                                         G        D
but I still don't know why I always feel like crying, crying,  crying

          Em                  C                   G
I'm still having some trouble tying up your loose ends, Jill

      Em                         C              G
and I still see life through the same distorted lens, Jill

and I think I may have said some things about you

                         G                     C   G
in front of some of your friends, Jill

          Em         C         G
well, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, Jill

    Em                     C                       G
but these are not normally people with whom I have dealings, Jill

I still spend most of my time in silence alone

           G                    C   G
staring at ceilings, Jill

but you know all that, Jill

         Am          C
what I'm getting at, Jill
is I can't stop not knowing

                                       G       D      C  G
why I never don't feel like crying, crying, crying
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