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Runrig - Only the Brave

Capo on 6th fret.
Chords relative to Capo

The timing on the Intro is a bit tricky so listen to the song to get it right. Though if 
you need it I've included a beat guide to the intro at the bottom of the tab.

Intro: C, Am, F, C
       Am, Em, C, G, C

C          G       Am
Twelve o'clock at night
 F          G     C
Streets of many corners
     C      G     Am
The lunar river winds
           F              G
Down the closes and the lanes
           C          G       Am
The night skips the sleeping years
    F     G        C
And re-awakes the memory
          Am            Em
Takes me all along the way
          G            C
To the places of the heart

VERSE TWO + THREE (same chords as first)

The days of summer came
Days of many heartache
Not to love is not to live
Not to live is not to feel no pain
So unlock this heart of stone
Teach me the ways of mystery
In the places were they say
Only the brave can walk alone

You took me through this town
And you took me to the moment
That makes angels lose their wings
And makes poets lose their wonder
But I have found in you
A love line pure and lasting
May your heart hold true
And your nights run long

INTRO guide:

This is the number of beats you should hold each chord for.

C (10 beats), Am (4 beats), F (2 beats), C (4 beats)
Am (4 beats), Em (2 beats), C (4 beats), G (4 beats), C (4 beats)
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