• Song:

    Special Fred

  • Artist:

    Stephen Lynch

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This song will use an open A chord, and then a variation. For this variation, you lift
your pointer finger off of the string and play the rest of the chord. Easy enough. 
I'll refer to the variation as "Av"

You use:

A, A, Av, Av As the intro, and for the whole first verse.

The pre chorus is: 
Bb                   E
But, just a little different ooh...

Then the chorus:
A,     Av, Bb,    E           A, Av,       
Special Ed, Momma dropped him, on his head,
Bb,     E,     A,      Av,   Bb,    E,        A, Av.....
Now he's not so bright, instead, he's a little bit special...

One day talkin to special ed 
A(<--that "A" is a Bar Chord)
he grabbed a brick and he swung at my head
And when he laughed is when I knew
That Special Ed Just made me special too...

thats about it
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