• Song:

    The Ballad Of Scarface

  • Artist:

    Stephen Lynch

  • Album:

    3 Balloons

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This is my first tab to write out. I couldnt tell what a 
few of the words were so i just put what they kinda sounded like, 
but im about 99.9% sure the chords are all correct. 
E-mail corrections foreverman1989@yahoo.com

Intro  G      Asus4    C      G  2x

G                         Asus4
Do you Know Tony Montanna rode a boat here from Havannah
C                                G
Scars from eating p___ lines his face
G                               Asus4
Finds a day job washing dishes Hates his life he only wishes
C                                 G
Someday in this world to find his place

D            C
And he has a scheme
D                  Am
For his own drug regime 
Cm             G
Dream Scarface Dream.

Hired by the gangster Omar he climbs the ranks hes getting so far
selling drugs and guns out on the streets
Soon he works for Frank the main boss doing hits and dodging chainsaws
getting rich and living life so sweet

but he craves romance
in his disco pants
dance Scarface dance

See Tony wants to rule the world so he kills Frank and steals his girl
shell give him the son hes never had
alas her womb is so polluted from the powder she has tooted
there'll be no son and that makes Tony sad

as he looks to the sky
hear his plaintiff cry
fly pelican fly

Am                       C                 G
Now he starts to get too high on his own supply
                   D             Am
Thinking he is the only gamey in town
                  C                   G
and his animesley side on a plot of regicide
                 D                Am
Its time for the king to lose his crown
C                G
Scarface must go down

Tonys killers soon surround him sensing death has finally found him
he aims his gun prepared to do his part
and as he shouts its not the end say hello to my little friend
assassins bullets pierce his fragile heart

D            C
Its a Tragic Good bye
D            C
He had flown so high
D            Am 
Cuban butterfly
Cm           G
Die Scarface die
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