• Song:

    Green Christmas

  • Artist:

    Barenaked Ladies

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Green Christmas Chords by Barenaked Ladies

This is my first tab ever! So all comments are welcome to my email 
but I won't accept ridiculous or rude comments. I am a HUGE fan of constructive criticism so bring it on...
I like this song a lot and I just had to add it here. It's a sweet Christmas song to 
and play with. HAPPY PLAYIN'!

INTRODUCTION:  Dmaj7   Cmaj7    (4x)


    Dmaj7                   Cmaj7     Dmaj7    Cmaj7
The streets are filled with Christmas cheer

   Dmaj7           Cmaj7  Dmaj7    Cmaj7
At least it's only once a year

D       G       A                 Bm
Perfect parcels tied with perfect bows,

    E                    A
And carols ringing in my ear

    Dmaj7      Cmaj7       Dmaj7   Cmaj7
I'm bundled up against the cold

Dmaj7          Cmaj7     Dmaj7   Cmaj7
Lines wherever gifts are sold

D         G          A                Bm
Each shop window displays a Christmas scene

    E                   A
For everybody young and old


D          Em               Bm            G
Icicles on eavestroughs and tinsel on the tree,

           Asus  A             Dmaj7 Cmaj7
But it's a green Christmas for me

Dmaj7   Cmaj7


Dmaj7           Cmaj7  Dmaj7                 Cmaj7
Couples skating on the pond [couples skating on the pond]

Dmaj7         Cmaj7  Dmaj7               Cmaj7
Makin' angels on the lawn [makin' angels on the lawn]

D        G       A            Bm
Five red mittens drying on the rad

    E                      A
And needles shedding tannenbaum


D               Em           Bm                G
Red bows on the railings and snowflakes on the ground,

           Asus  A                 Dmaj7   Cmaj7    A
But it's a green Christmas in this town


      G       D                 G
Green, cos of everything I miss

         D                  G
All this mistletoe, no kiss

           G                   D
And with every Christmas wish

            G                  E
There would be no greater gift

         A  (let ring)
Than to have this envy lift

INSTRUMENTAL:  Dmaj7  (2x)

Dmaj7   Cmaj7    (8x)


                 Dmaj7        Cmaj7 Dmaj7       Cmaj7
(Fa la la la...) Carolers are at my door (Fa la la la...)

      Dmaj7           Cmaj7   Dmaj7   Cmaj7
Don't wanna hear them anymore


D                Em
Stockings on the mantle

    Bm               G
The snow's here everyday

           Asus  A             D
But it's a green Christmas anyway

D               G            A             Bm
Red nose on the reindeer and tinsel on the tree

           Asus  A             Dmaj7   Cmaj7   
But it's a green Christmas for me


Dmaj7  Cmaj7  (3x)

Dmaj7 (whistling)

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