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Capo at 2, all chords relative to capo
If you can figure it out, it's pretty simple to follow the bass line over the 
bridge section, sounds nicer that way.

Em* (F/Em?): (023000)


There's a hole in the roof, and the rain's comin' down 
The roads are all flooded, there's no way back to town
            Em                      G            Am
And this ship we came in on, has just run aground
                Em                                  B7           Em
You know fate has a funny way of comin' around

The memories we've buried, have now taken seed
When spring time comes they'll turn into weeds
And they'll creep through your window to smother your dreams
you know fate has a funny way of comin' around

              Am                        G
Oh they'll carve our names like scripture
To the souls of their feet
        G                      B7
Every footprint that they take
        Em          Em*
It will tell of our deed
            Em                   G          Am
Drowning lies, oh they're following me
Till the flow tide comes to swallow
the beach

This bottle of bourbon's now dry as a bone
It drank us all up and then it left us alone
Well we sense whats to come, but we can't choke it down
you know fate has a funny way of coming around
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