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    Kings Of Convenience

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    Declaration Of Dependen...

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I love this song.

For the strumming part of the nylon string guitar, it's not very easy to catch, 
and the tuning is a half-step down. i'm not sure whether i got it or not, but i think it's close.

Strum the low strings.

the chords are:

G#M9: 54644X
Fm7 : 2422XX
F#m7: 3533XX
Gm7:  4644XX
D#M7: 02110X
Cm7:  9(11)99XX
Bb7:  X24242
C7:   X46464

the intro is :  G#M9  Fm7  Gm7  D#M7   x3
                G#M9  Fm7 (131141@1)Cm7  Gm7  F#m7 (131141@2)Fm7 (131141@1)
for the main singing part, repeat: G#M9  Fm7  Gm7  D#M7

when it comes to: "go easy on me i can't help what i'm doing"

just repeat:     G#M9   D#M7

for the ending of this song: " when thoughts..."

the chords are :  Fm7   Bb7   Gm7  C7

i think that's all.



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