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    Roy Orbison

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B7  E               Ab           A           B
    Oooooh, ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh, ooh oh oh

E              Ab           
Darkness, only darkness 
        A                     B
Land of shadow, that's where my heart goes 
         E A             E
Now I'm alone, I'm on my own 

Voices, I hear voices 
Sounds in the still night everywhere 
But you're not there, no, you're not there 

C#m         E 
Imagination brings you so near 
C#m                     E
I reach for your lips, but they're not here 
A         B7           E 
All of my memories are closing in as one 
  F#                    B7
I walk a little faster, than I start to run 


I long to hold you, thrill to your charm 
But how can I hold shadows in my arms? 
I reach to find you, stumbling through the night 
Searching in my sadness, looking for the light 

Chorus + Intro 

by: José Duarte
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