• Song:

    Harlem Woman

  • Artist:

    Roy Orbison

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Harlem Woman 
E                        Abm
The woman is out on her own. 
            F#m               B7
Walking the streets, sad and alone. 
    E            Abm     
Yes she sells herself
    F#m                          B7
For nickels and dimes, these are hard times. 
      E A    E        A     E        
For a Harlem woman. Harlem woman. 

E                              B7
Yes you work at night. I have held you tight. 
But you're not aware of how much I care. 
   E                                         A
No you can't see your baby's been hungry and cold. 
               Am                 E           B7
So long nights through, go on and do what you must do, 
                        E A    E        A    E        
I love you. I love you. Harlem woman. Harlem woman. 

            E                 F#m          A      E
Sometimes I cry, but I'll get by till your mine alone. 
         F#m         D     F#m        B7
So carry on to other arms, tender but strong. 
F#m        C       B7 
Till you belong to me 

E                 A7                 Abm
Harlem woman hang on. I'll take you away.
    B                Abm             B          
Someday I'll set you free to be with only me. 
               F#m   E                B
Till then I'll know, Lord knows, I'll know
                                             E A    E         
They can buy the body but not the soul of my Harlem woman 
  A    E        A    E
Harlem woman, Harlem woman 
B    E
Hang on

by: José Duarte
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