• Song:

    Doing Acid At The Mall

  • Artist:

    Stephen Lynch

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Since there's no official realese or title, Im just going to call this song "Doing Acid 
At The Mall". I saw it in Gothenburg a couple of months ago and figured out the chords 
based on a youtube-video I've seen of this song.

Stephen Lynch - Doing Acid At The Mall

Intro: C#M - A - E - B7

E                A
So this is outer space what a lovely place
F#M              B7
I can't wait to tell the human race
E          A
Hello Alien, will you be my friend
F#M                    B7
Wait there's something I can't comprehend

E                     A
It's not outer space at all Im just at the mall
F#M                   B7
Holy shit Im freaking out ya'll


C#M       A  E  B7
You're on acid x2

Check youtube if you need to know how to play it:

Goodnight Wisconsin!
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