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    John Frusciante

  • Album:

    Shadows Collide With Pe...

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This is the first song off John Frusciante's newest solo album..it's an amazing song!!!

First of all here are the chords used in this song
    Bm        F#m        G        D        A         Em
E --7----------2---------3-----------------5----------0---------
B --7----------2---------3--------7--------5----------0---------
G --7----------2---------4--------7--------6----------0---------
D --9----------4---------5--------7--------7----------2---------
A --9----------4---------5--------5--------7----------2---------
E --7----------2---------3-----------------5----------0---------

Here it is..
Bm               F#m   G
Ahhhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhh ahhhhhhhh -----repeat that 4 times
Bm             F#m     G
When I try I force it out..
Bm              F#m    G     A
Never looking in only out
D              A     F#m        G  A
Now is the time for millions to lose
D              A     F#m   G  A
Never the same since I lost you
Bm             F#m   G 
Running me out of town
Bm            F#m  G   A
Wishing the best around
D         A     F#m   G  A
Would only get off my back
D               A        F#m      G
Heaven recieves you and throws you back    
A                   G                          
Sending a dummy to my God
A                   G
Sending a dummy to my God
A                   G
Sending a dummy to my God
A                  F#m     G
Sending a dummy to myyyyy  Gooooood

Repeat intro part

D          A      F#m   G   A
Driving to eat a carvel cake
D                A       F#m      G 
Somewhere you know isn't where you think
F#m               F#m                     
Have you gone awayyyyyyyy
Bm              D              A      G

Bm              D              A      G
have you gone, have you gone, away already
Em     A    F#m                     G
            all the good times are on....their way
Bm           D           A      G
up and down mm thats how energy stays alive.
Em          A  F#m                       G
        and I wouldn't have it any other way..

D    A    Bm    G ---repeat a couple times.......then end on D  A  D

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