• Song:

    How Can I Tell You

  • Artist:

    John Frusciante

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how can i tell you by john frusciante

its a cover of cat stevens...

also this is my first tab so be gentle with me. lol

anyways figure out the strumming pattern yourself
that might help

intro: D , G, Em , A

that repeats a few times with the first verse, about 35 seconds in when you
finish that progression from D to G to Em to A then starting over at D to G
you go back to the D and continue. its an easy song. watch the video and
you should be able to get it. he does the same D,G,D thing at a minute 27
sec. so thats when he says "my words just float away, just float away" at
35 seconds, and when he says "and im sad that you cant hear, sad that you
cant hear" then one last time towards the end around 2 mins 20 sec. 

the verses and chorus are all the same progressions D, G, Em, A and repeat.

its a beautiful song. leave comments or email me mkocian17@yahoo.com
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