• Song:

    In Releif

  • Artist:

    John Frusciante

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Artist: John Frusciante
Album: Shadows collide with people
Tuning: Normal (EADGBe)

Tabbed by Knut Zetterstr?m

This is a great song by one of the best guitarists in the world. Have fun!

G                 F           C
To seem you're in me and over me

Em/C   Am
Relife in all things

F                            C
And all things shoot through me

D                            C
And all things shoot through you

Where ever you are

G                F              C
To seem you're a dream when you never stop

Em/C           Am
And we ask you what you are

F         C
Belief as one

D         C 
Belief as one what you believe in

G      F
Travel slowly

Am      Em
Move in circels

Am                  Em             G
You know time grows old in reverse

Life was a thing that began

Em         Am
And it was magnified

Em                 Am
And made the first fire and the last one

G       F              C
To mean everything you never say

Em/C                     Am
Every single thing going every way

F                  C
When your leader's gone

D                    C
He means to make you strong

He never went away

G            F             Am Em   Am Em  Am Em  G
Coz what you need you are

That is the correct tab for this song! Listen to the rythm when you play.

Chords used in this song:
    G     F     C   Em/C    D    Am    Em

Have fun!
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