• Song:

    Interstate Sex

  • Artist:

    John Frusciante

  • Album:

    From The Sounds Inside

Having not found any tabs for this song I thought I'd try my best to get something 
down, might not be perfect but it works

The song is more-or-less just a bunch of chords with a lot on synth and stuff that 
John puts over top. 
Listen to the song for strumming pattern, its not to hard. Most of the time the 
chords don't change much, but emphasis on different strings does, or where the 
chord is played on the guitar.

NOTE: For the Gsus4 bits, hit the B string and pull off as much as you can/listen 
closely for it on the song!

Intro: (Am   Gsus4   Am    Gsus4) x2

Verse 1: 

         Am         Gsus4           Am            Gsus4 
        Being in line is a dream I'm after

         Am          Gsus4           Am           Gsus4
        Agony eating me easy so as fights.

         Am           Gsus4        Am             Gsus4
        Taking time is a way of life

        What this takes you here to brings you no lie

Chorus 1:

          C'    G'       Am'    F 
          I'll be your kind, Aviator

       C'     G'        Am'   F
          Between your home, I'll just get out

       C'       G'     Am' F
          We'll never die, Chessboard lay down

          C'            G'               Am         Gsus4 
          You go places they don't take you 

           Am   Gsus4   Am    Gsus4

Interlude bit: (like Intro) 
              (Am   Gsus4)x1

Verse 2:

         Am       Gsus4           Am          Gsus4
         You believe to go to face us

         Am         Gsus4         Am          Gsus4
         There's a way you all arrive

         Am           Gsus4            Am        Gsus4
         At a place where you've combined

         Every moment that once has made you feel right

Chorus 2:

         C'      G'         Am'          F                      C' 
         I desire you to be in light, (behind) somewhere you go

              G'       Am'         F
         the way come by 

         C'              G'       Am'       F 
         hearing things you say makes me blind

         C'                  G'            Am       Gsus4
         It's all right the seasons change, Interstate

        Am     Gsus4
        Am     Gsus4
        Am     Gsus4
        Am     Gsus4   Am    Gsus4
         Interstate    sex, sex, sex

        Am     Gsus4   Am    Gsus4 
         Interstate    sex, sex, sex

        Am     Gsus4   Am    Gsus4 
         Interstate    sex, sex, sex

        Am     Gsus4   Am    Gsus4
         sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex

Then it moves into the instrumental section, so here are the chords:

1:53- 2:37
      (Am    C)x4

2:38- 3:14   [Strumming changes]

      (Am    C)x5

3:14- 3:49

      (Em    F    C    C    Em    F    Am    Am)x2  

3:50- 4:17

      (Em    F   Am   C'    Em    F    Am    C'')x3

4:18- 4:24

      (Em    F   Am   C''    Em    F)

4:25- end.

       (Am    F    Am    F    Am    F    Am)

Thats it

Am:   x02210
Am':  577555
Gsus4:3200(1)(3)  (for this song you hit the B string on and pull off)
C:    x32010
C':   x35553
C'':  81010988
G':   355433
F:    133211
Em:   022000
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