• Song:

    Inside A Break

  • Artist:

    John Frusciante

  • Album:

    Inside of Emptiness

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Bb F        Ab

|-5--3--2---------5--------|  These are played as almost Arpeggios, listen to   
|-5--3--3---------6--------|  the song and you'll get it

Cm                   Bb                   F
Inside a break there's only moments that hide
Every mistake is really worth a try
I know a way a lie can be refined
Hand me your cross and run for your life
Any good luck is a falling tree
I'm no one and no one is me
All day to call some kind of faceless guide
Some day you see is just today in a guise

Every pace you go would go without you
The busiest days there's really nothing to do
I go away to turn the dark to light
Don't look at me when you're wondering why

Cm      Bb      F
Hymns sound so good to him
Cm      Bb      F
Reflections occur within
Ab              Bb
Unwind so called holes

Language is false but it speaks to me
Places are gone when there's no one to see 'em
I got a pain that spans millions of lives
Going to where we'll dive into the sky

Any old way is a new way to be
There's just no cause for beating anybody
All of us kids we like to climb and fall
Once within there's nothing better at all
Than nowhere

Just plat Cm Bb and F through all the lines, basically.
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