• Song:

    Remember Walking In The Sand

  • Artist:

    John Frusciante

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(Remember) Walking in the Sand
preformed live by John Frusciante in Hyde Park

written by George Morton and originally preformed by The Shangri-La's.

I've only seen this in a poor quality video on youtube.com 
so I don't know how he started the song I'm just using the intro from the original version.


     Dm                   C
     Seems like the other day,
     Bb           A
     My baby went away,
     Gm                         A7   Eb/A7  A7
     He went away __ `cross the sea,
     Dm                     C
     It's been two years or so,
     Bb                  A
     Since I saw my baby go,
     Gm                                A7  Eb/A7  A7
     And then this letter ___ came for me,
     Dm                    C
     It said that we were through,
     Bb                A
     He found somebody new,
     Gm                                       A7  Eb/A7  A7
     Oh, lemme think, lemme think, what can I do?


     Oh no
     Oh no,
     Bb                 A7
     Oh no, no, no, no, no,

     Chorus: The (Dm) is muted with left hand (not with the picking hand)

       Dm    (Dm)       (Dm)   Dm    (Dm)       (Dm)
     (Remember) Walkin' in the Sand

       Dm    (Dm)       (Dm)    Dm    (Dm)       (Dm)
     (Remember) Walkin' hand in hand

       Dm    (Dm)        (Dm)    Dm    (Dm)       (Dm)
     (Remember) The night was so exciting,

       Dm    (Dm)       (Dm)  Dm   (Dm)       (Dm)
     (Remember) Smile was so inviting,

       Dm    (Dm)         (Dm)      Dm   (Dm)       (Dm)
     (Remember) Then he touched my cheek,

       Dm    (Dm)   (Dm)  Dm    (Dm)       (Dm)
     (Remember) With his fingertips,

      Dm  (Dm)   (Dm)  Dm   (Dm)   (Dm)        A7          Eb/A7  A7   Dm
             Soflty,          softly      we'd meet with our lips,

          C     Bb     Gm    Eb/A7    A7


Tabbed by Martin Juhl

Thanks to Craig Carlson whos the guy that made the The Shangri-La's version.
This version is not much more than an update of his tab.
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