• Song:

    One More Of Me

  • Artist:

    John Frusciante

  • Album:

    The Empyrean

                             One More Of Me - John Frusciante

Tuning: Standard

Chords used:
D    xx0232
A    x02220
G    355433
Bm   x24432
Em   022000

D            A       G
Now that the day has come
  Bm         A       G
I see myself as everyone
D           A          G
I am what?s all around me
    Bm         A           G
No, nothing it just cannot be
Bm          A             G
Feeling has come from the sun
     D         A              G
Like most everything and everyone
           D            A        G                 D
What seems lost is free from the force that slowly destroys us
          Em         Bm  A Em
And kills all matter off
Bm             Em          Bm          A     Em      Bm
Well, we don?t control the chance that plays with us
       Em            Bm      A       Em     Bm
And we get existence back to hurting others
            Em           Bm          A      Em      Bm
And when we go the other way it?s ourselves we hurt
        Em        Bm           A         Em
But who pushes on though eventually will see
      A        Em
Every moment?s first
Every moment is first
G                D          A  Em
What?s gone will never come back
       G           D            A Em
But it exists when you think of it
    G           D        A Em
And what is anything, anyway
      G         D              Em           Bm
But a series of things running through your brain
G          D                 A Em
All of the fucked things you do
        G                D           A Em
Are the product of whats happened to you
G            D           A  Em
Whatever you create from love
     G             D                Em    Bm    
Is a gift from the place which some call above
        G        D         Em       Bm
There?s only the forces of hate and love
G                 D            Em          Bm
One breaks things down and one builds them up.

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