• Song:

    Dark Light

  • Artist:

    John Frusciante

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                             Dark/Light - John Frusciante

Tuning: Standard

Chords used:
Bb     x13331
Bbm    x13321
Cm     x35543
C#     x46664
Eb     x68886
Ebm    x68876
Fm     133111
F7     131211
F#     244322
G      355433
G7     353433
Ab     466544

Bbm                    Fm
Remember all you've forgotten
F#      C#        Ab       Bbm
I can't put those thoughts away
     F#         C#              Ab      Bbm
Everything I've thought's in my head to stay
    Ebm        Ab                C#          F#
Now what do we get for trying to follow to a tee
Ebm        Ab            C#      F#     F7
All the instructions you gave to me

Bbm          Fm
Did you ever notice
     F#       C#            Ab       Bbm
That it's for you that I've lived my life
      F#         C#           Ab    Bbm
Every time I had fun you were on my mind
     Ebm        Ab 
I've lost my perspective
     C#           F#
I've gone off the wall
Ebm        Ab          C#             F#   F7  
Really not sure if I'm needed here at all

This is my last shot
     F#        C#           Ab    Bbm
I'll always be less that my other selves
     F#               C#          Ab      Bbm
So I feel like I'm competing with someone else
    Ebm           Ab        C#      F#
Who I could never beat in a million years
Ebm           Ab                  C#            F#    F7
I was made to think that we would wind up round here

Eb           Bb           Cm          Ab
Will we ever get together in a song
Eb                 Bb             Cm               Ab
Will you ever tell everybody bout right and wrong
Eb             Bb               Cm                         Ab
Will you let everyone in on the meaning of life and death
Eb          Bb                        Cm              Ab   G7
Do you need me or are you waiting for my last breath

Cm ? Eb ? Bb ? Ab ? G ? G ? G ? G    <== Repeat till the end.

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