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    John Frusciante

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 Untitled #3

Tabbed by: Eragond22

Artist: John Frusciante
Album: Niandra LaDes and Usually just a T-shirt (1994)
Song: Untitled #3

C           Em
A dove is a glove

That i wear in my heart

And though i like to dress smart

           C                    Em             G
It doesn't have any part of the world of fashion

                           C        Em
And you're there to put me down

And i'm sick off the frowns that follow me around

                 C                         Em
I would like the sky but there's no reason why

She'd say to this world with the nose of a girl

             Bb           G  Bb      G 
Turned up so loud that it erases the clouds

     Bb         F                      G     
I've never been here and though you're physically here

C                 Em   G
You're pushing me away to decay like the day that i loved

C  Em  G  Bb

It's as real as a a girl, 
blabbing nothing outside my window
What do i have to show
To a world that the only way to destroy
Is to die like a baby boy
I could be happy in infinity
Of the space of my eyelid
But i know i'm somewhere else
Where the words on this page
Are better than the scribling nonsense they are,
And it would be real,
And i eat my last meal
Wish that i could feel
But now i don't even know if i'm real
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